Welcome to our bike rental service on the beautiful island of Lanzarote. To ensure the safety and peace of mind for our customers, we offer comprehensive insurance that covers both theft and potential damages to our bikes.

Insurance Coverage:

  1. Theft:
    • This insurance covers the theft of the bike provided it is properly secured with a lock provided by our company and the conditions outlined below are met:
    • The bike must be properly locked.
    • The bike must be in an enclosed location at night.
    • A police report regarding the theft must be filed.
    • The customer will be responsible for providing documented evidence and fully cooperating in the theft investigation.
  2. Accident:
    • This insurance covers damages to our bikes in case of an accident during the bike rental period.
    • In the event of bike damage, the insurance will cover the repair or replacement costs, depending on the severity of the damage, subject to assessment by our specialists.
    • This insurance does not include medical or hospital assistance for personal injuries.

Exclusions and Limitations:

  • Theft that does not meet the specified conditions will not be covered.
  • Any damage to the bike caused by negligence or misuse by the customer will not be covered by the insurance.

Claims Procedure:

In case of theft or accident, the customer must follow these steps:

  1. Notify Our Company:
    • Immediately inform our company of the incident through our provided emergency contact numbers.
  2. Notify the Police:
    • In the case of theft, file a report with the Lanzarote authorities.
  3. Provide Relevant Documentation:
    • Provide the police report (in case of theft).
    • Provide any other necessary documentation or information required for the claim evaluation.
  4. Assessment and Processing:
    • Our team will assess the claim and determine eligibility for coverage according to the insurance conditions.

We appreciate your trust in our bike rental service in Lanzarote and hope you enjoy your cycling experience on this wonderful island. For more information about our insurance or to make a reservation, feel free to contact us. Ride safely and have fun exploring Lanzarote by bike!