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Bosch Powertube 625

Vertical Batery 625 Wh

 Bosch Powertube 625 Vertical Batery 625 Wh

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What more could you want? The new Bosch PowerTube 625 allows you to enjoy long and mountainous rides without sacrificing energy reserves for every adventure. With a nominal capacity of 16.7 Ah and approximately 625 Wh energy content, this lithium-ion battery provides maximum range and altitude within your reach.

The securely mounted PowerTube 625 won’t fall off even on demanding terrains, yet it can still be easily removed. After approximately 3.7 hours, the battery is fully charged with the 6 A fast charger (4.9 hours with the standard charger), while half the charge is already achieved after approximately 1.4 hours (2.1 hours with the standard charger).


  • Vertical variation
  • Energy content (approx.): 625 Wh
  • Includes hazardous goods box and operating instructions
  • The rechargeable battery can be integrated into the bicycle frame
  • Weight: 3.6 kg
  • Easy and secure insertion and removal
  • Integrated battery management system ensures high mileage and long lifespan
  • No memory effect and no self-discharge
  • Be sure to order the correct variation of this battery (horizontal or vertical).